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Veraphon is planning a third publication, a CD with the young Chinese pianist

Xiaona Zhou.

This is the live recording of a concert in Luebeck , where she

has played all 12 Etudes by Claude Debussy. There is a video recording of this

in Youtube, which was viewed 16000 times and got an enthusiastic response.

Now it is possible to acquire a recording in full CD quality.

In the Chinese market, there are already CD releases with Xiaona Zhou .



The 12 Etudes for Piano by Claude Debussy are the most important collection of its kind in the time after Chopin and Liszt. Absolute mastery of technical problems of piano playing are essential to approach these works. Moreover, these studies are likely to form the climax of the piano works of Debussy and the so-called French impressionism. While there are studies for thirds, sixths or octaves just like Chopin, but the emphasis in Debussy's works lies in the development of the compositional style. The most extensive studies impress with their downright fantastic variability, the richness of their associations, as well as the championship to create new structures. György Ligeti, the famous composer of the 21th century, has been linked to the conscious Debussy cycle with his Etudes.


Homepage Xiaona Zhou: www.zhouxiaona.com.


The publication date is September15, 2016.

Distribution company is Nova MD GmbH, Raiffeisenstr. 4, 83377 Vachendorf - Deutschland. Order this CD there after the publication under catalog number VP003. Also on sale portals Amazon, Saturn, JPC, WOM etc. you can buy the CD.


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